"If a performer’s desperation to be cast overwhelms her desire to create truly good work, she may accept roles that poorly represent and stereotype women, only furthering the problem. If companies continue to produce popular plays simply because they are a financially safer option, the stories will eventually become stale and irrelevant. By trying to save theatre, we are killing it."

Artist Spotlight: Scott Malkovsky


When Scott Malkovsky first came to The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society in our third issue, we knew him as a fellow SUNY Fredonia grad and actor currently residing in L.A. We had no idea he would become one of our most beloved contributors, but it was clear from that first submission that he had something special. Since then, Scott’s work has been some of the most reblogged and shared of everything we publish at RPD. But no matter how successful any artist is, they will always have doubt. They will always second guess. They will change their minds, and work harder and throw things out and start over. Scott tells us a bit about his process in this week’s Feature and gives us Full Disclosure.

- Jordan Rizzieri, Editor-in-Chief

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Do. Not. Ever. Read. The. Comments.


"The moon shone down like
a floodlight and Venus hung
in space like a girl
burning in my future."

The JD by Lenny DellaRocca (via rpdsociety)


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welcome to womens clothing where the sizes are made up and the measurements don’t matter

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"my name has always been lit up in the neon nostalgia of the glow of an empty fridge
searching late at night to pick over something I have already ingested
i have always had a heart like a bottomless folding takeout box
blooming with grease from forgotten meals"

Artist Spotlight: Lauren Dean


Today, we published a piece called “Madness”—a striking, image-rich short story that depicts the struggle that a diagnosis of bipolar disorder can create in a relationship. I was so intrigued by the writing that I wanted to talk to its author—and she graciously agreed to Skype with me, all the way from Alabama. We covered it all: Lauren’s own bipolar diagnosis, writing as therapy, bipolar disorder and relationships, and maintaining creativity throughout treatment for a mental illness. We look forward to hearing more from Lauren!

- Alecia Eberhardt, Interim Fiction Editor

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